Tom Pilot – Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Race
Tom Nabarro

Tom is a Software Engineer, and a member of the Spinal Injuries Association. On April 3rd 2007 Tom had a serious accident while snowboarding in Bulgaria. He received immediate medical care on the slopes, was transferred to the Military Medical Centre in Sofia, had emergency surgery for damage to his neck. Tom spent over 15 months in hospital at Stoke Mandeville and moved home in August 2008. You can keep up with his exploits at his presonal blog
 Kevin Pilot – Powered Arm Prosthesis Race
Kevin Evison

Kevin is a below-elbow amputee, as well as being a keen cyclist and a motorbike enthusiast. Kevin regularly takes part in events to showcase the bebionic hand.
Martin Pilot – Powered Arm Prosthesis Race
Martin Tofanelli

Martin is an above-elbow amputee and like Kevin is a keen motorbike enthusiast. Following his amputation Martin converted his own motorcycle into a tricycle to make it easier for him to ride. No mean task with an arm prosthesis.
Sivashankar Pilot – Powered Wheelchair Race
Sivashankar Sivakanthan

A Polymath whose knowledge covers areas from maths and finance to medicine, engineering and the arts. Sivashankar has encountered a number of medical challenges and following surgery he now classes himself as a bionic man.

“Working as part of Team Imperial on the development of the eye-controlled wheelchair has allowed me to continue helping others even when I am medically challenged at times”
Paul Moore Pilot – Powered Wheelchair Race
Paul Moore

Paul is a former Paralympian and the Founder of Active Linx. As well as being one of the Wheelchair Pilots for Team Imperial Paul is also part of the organising team for the BerkelBike UK Cybathlon entry, as Active Linx are the sole distributor within the UK for the BerkelBike.
Johnny Beer Timms Pilot – FES Bike Race
Johnny Beer Timms

Johnny is the pilot for the joint FES bike race contribution of the joint team "Berkel Bike UK - Team Imperial".
Jonathan Brough Team Imperial Pilot Advisor
Jonathan Brough

Film maker and charity fundraiser Jonathan has been working with Team Imperial since the first anouncement of the Cybathlon. Although unable to compete due to the competition rulings Jonathan has been adivsing the team by trialling and providing feedback on the Gaze Control system.
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