We are developing a range of resources to help staff and students better understand issues, learn from best practice, and start taking positive steps to proactively support equality, diversity and inclusion. If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with EDIC.

Other EDI information and resources


We have a guide for writing about ethnicity, intended for all staff and students writing official communications on behalf of the College.

If you are responsible for producing or editing content, then please follow Imperial's accessibility advice. We also have specific accessibility guidance for websites as well as training for web editors.

You may also find these video conferencing guidelines useful on how to make online interactions more accessible.

Staff recruitment

The HR Recruitment Hub has advice and guidance on Inclusive Recruitment for each step of the process process.

All staff involved in recruitment are expected to have attended the online recruitment and section training course, and we also encourage you to complete our online unconscious bias training.

The Academic Recruitment at Imperial - case studies and toolkit exists to help highlight existing good practice.