Register your interest in the Imperial As One Media Academy

Imperial As One is working with the College’s communications team to run a brand-new training programme for Imperial’s Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff and PGR students. The Imperial As One Media Academy (IAOMA) will provide expert training and development across a range of subjects to equip attendees with the knowledge and skills to confidently and professionally communicate their work and status as experts in their field.

The IAOMA will be open to all Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff at Imperial and will be particularly useful for academic and research staff looking to learn how to increase and widen the impact of their research, translation and teaching through traditional and digital media, and policy engagement. The IAOMA has the full support of the College’s leadership as a valuable professional development programme.  

If you’d be interested in taking part, please complete this brief survey.

Session breakdown

Each session will take approximately half a day

SESSION 1: Media training for journalist interviews

Building confidence and skills to become a key media player/communicator. This session will cover communicating your key messages in media interviews, handling sensitive questions, and how to keep interviews on track (e.g. talk about my research, not race). With practical interview practice and feedback. 

SESSION 2: Social media

This session will enable participants to expertly navigate the sphere of social media, and empower them to amplify their message to a global audience. This module will cover creating impactful social media posts, dealing with trolls, and cultivating an audience as part of positioning your digital self as an authoritative expert in your field.

SESSION 3: Video and audio

With videos and podcast becoming some of the most important and powerful tools of communication, learn how to use video, audio and photography to amplify your messages, and reach new audiences, potential research collaborators and key funders. 

SESSION 4: Public affairs and policy

Learn how to influence policymakers, and gain the skills and confidence to help your work shape UK and international policy

SESSION 5: Powerful words

Gain skills in crafting powerful words to carry your messages to a wide range of audiences. Learn how to translate your science into news articles, blog posts and editorials/opinion pieces.

If you’d be interested in taking part, please complete this brief survey.