What are workplace adjustments?

Workplace adjustments, previously known as reasonable adjustments, is the legal term for any adaptation made in the workplace to ensure equal access and opportunity for a disabled person.

All employers have a legal duty under the Equality Act 2010 to proactively make adjustments to remove, reduce or prevent any disadvantages that disabled workers face. The law recognises that to secure equality for disabled people work may need to be structured differently, support given, and barriers removed.

Adjustments should empower a disabled member of staff and prevent any disadvantage compared to non-disabled colleagues. Adjustments can be very simple and can include adapting working arrangements or environmental aspects of the workplace. Adjustments will vary according to the nature of the disability, how it affects the member of staff’s work and their role. Examples of adjustments may be useful to consider, but the member of staff should be considered as an expert on the effects of their disability and the support that they need. 

Adjustments at Imperial

If you are a staff member or a line manager (supporting someone in your team) and would like to discuss workplace adjustment needs, then please fill out the contact form below. All applications are confidential.

If you are a line manager, we would also encourage you to read our Supporting disabled staff effectively: Guidance for managers (pdf)‌ document.

If you have any queries then you can also email the EDI Centre with the subject heading Workplace Adjustment.