What is the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Centre (EDIC)?

EDIC is a dedicated team that works to support staff and make Imperial a better place to work by promoting equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). We offer guidance, training and support as part of the College’s HR servicesWe listen and talk to staff across Imperial and work towards mainstreaming EDI. We work with individuals, teams, and departments, providing help and advice.

Our main responsibilities include:

  • Working in collaboration to promote EDI and to eliminate all forms of discrimination
  • Influencing and advising on best practice, specifically ensuring compliance with EDI legislation and Imperial policies and procedures
  • Providing a variety of training courses for Imperial staff, as well as development programmes
  • Working with the College’s diversity staff networks, facilitating two way communication, and ensuring year-on-year progress
  • Building collaborative working relationships with appropriate community groups, professionals and sector-wide peers

Contact EDIC

The best way to contact us is via email. We are based at the South Kensington campus, in Room 300, Level 3, Sherfield Building.  

Details for each member of the team are provided below if you want to contact a specific individual. 

Members of the EDIC team

  • Kani Kamara

    Kani Kamara profile photo

    Personal details

    Kani Kamara Head of EDIC

    +44 20 7594 0867

    Areas of focus


    Disability advice

    Harassment, bullying and victimisation

  • Rob Bell

    Rob Bell profile photo

    Personal details

    Rob Bell Athena SWAN Coordinator

    +44 20 7594 0876

    Areas of focus

    Charters support and advice

    Data and reports

    EDI website

  • Sheena Cardoso

    Sheena Cardoso profile photo

    Personal details

    Sheena Cardoso EDIC Coordinator

    +44 20 7594 2887

    Areas of focus

    General admin and queries

    EDIC communications

  • Alex Dawes

    Alex Dawes

    Personal details

    Alex Dawes Race Equality Charter (REC) Coordinator

    Areas of focus

    Charter support and advice

  • Gabriella Kerr-Gordon

    Personal details

    Gabriella Kerr-Gordon EDIC Advisor

    +44 20 7594 3489

    Areas of focus

    General EDI queries

    Coordinator supervison

    Dyslexia and Neurodivergence

    EDI Projects

  • Kalpna Mistry

    Kalpna Mistry profile photo

    Personal details

    Kalpna Mistry Staff Network Coordinator

    +44 20 7594 1561

    Areas of focus

    Staff networks 

    Disability advice and workplace adjustments

    Mental Health First Aid 

  • Jackie Murphy

    Placeholder photo

    Personal details

    Jackie Murphy Executive Assistant to Assistant Provost (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion)

    +44 20 7594 1919

    Areas of focus

    Support for Assistant Provost (EDI)

    Works part-time

  • Cynthia So

    Cynthia So

    Personal details

    Cynthia So EDIC Coordinator

    Areas of focus

    General admin and queries

    Staff networks

    Stonewall Workplace Equality Index

    Disability Action Committee

  • Jack Williams

    Personal details

    Jack Williams Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Adviser

    Areas of focus

    General EDI Queries

    LGBTQ+ Inclusion

    EDI Projects