printer cartridges

Welcome to the waste directory  - Printer cartridges

What can be recycled?

All laser toners are acceptable.

All inkjet cartridges are acceptable but may be dealt with in different ways.

Any unused items (which may have been purchased in error) can be offered to others in the College (or elsewhere) on the Waste Action Re-use Portal (WARPit). It is easy to register and the system is very easy to use.

Your responsibilities

There is a legal requirement to recycle printer cartridges so these must not be placed in the general waste.

What is included?



  • Used Inkjet cartridges
  • Used Laser toners
  • Cartridge packaging


  • Unused cartridges and toners

Waste hierarchy

What happens to this waste stream?

50% reused
50% recycled
0% recovered
0% incinerated
0% landfilled

Printer cartridges waste stream

Where do I put printer cartridges?

  • Printer consumables are placed in the designated grey bins; see the Cartridge recycling locations list below.
  • Please include the cartridge packaging as this protects the unit in transit.
Printer cartridge recycling locations 
11 Princes Gardens Ground floor corridor
14 Princes Gardens 14G3, ground floor hallway
15 Princes Gardens Entrance hall
53 Princes Gardens 1.03 - Entrance hall
58 Princes Gardens Ground Floor Reception

Level 4 - TBC

Level 2 - Opposite control room 201A ABB

Beit Quad Level 2 - Student Union reception

Level 3 - Main entrance

Level 2 - Outside ICT, opposite lifts

Level 4 - 421 Eqipment room


Level 3 - 311 (west end)

Level 7 - west end


Level 2 - Stores (just off the loading bay)

Level 5 - by goods liftLevel 10 - by passenger lift

Chemistry Level 2 - 232a

Level 1 - Outside room 101

Level 12 - Imperial Innovations

Electrical Engineering Level 11 - 1108
ETHOS Ground floor opposite the lift

Level 1 - Equipment area

Level 2 - Equipment area

Level 3 - Equipment area

Level 4 - Equipment area

Flowers Ground - Reception

Level 3 - opposite the walkway entrance way

Level 6 - outside Post Room

Ground - Post Room

Library Level 1 - Computer area
City & Guilds

Level 5 - Outside equipment room

Level 3 - Outside CEPSAF

Ground - Reception

Reynolds Building Communal Photocopying Room - 1st floor
Royal School of Mines

Ground - Outside Room G20

Level 2 - Outside Room 2.02 (Next to post racks)

Level 2 - Outside 244

Level 3 - Outside 3.01B (Cafe)

Level 4 - Room 93

Roderic Hill

Level 2 - Outside 255

Level 4 - Outside staff common room


Level 5 - Atrium

Ground - Entrance


Level 3 - East kitchen

Level 3 - Finance copier area

Level 4 - ICT

Level 5 - In both equipment rooms

Level 5 - Near Reid and Pippard lecture theatres


Level 2 - Near photocopier

Level 4 - 412 print room

The Business School

Lower ground - Print room

Printer cartridge recycling locations - Other Campuses

Printer cartridge recycling locations

Who empties the printer cartridge bin?

  • The Soft Services Support Team (South Kensington) or cleaning team (elsewhere) will empty the bins when required.
  • Full containers are stored in a locked compound ready for collection by a specialist recycler.

What happens then?

  • The items are cleaned, refilled and re-used (or recycled where this is not possible).

How green is this waste stream?

  • All receptacles are recycled/re-used.
  • Everything that you recycle is put to good use. Your recycling prevents needless use of landfill sites or incineration. You are helping to protect and improve the environment.