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Engineering Team

There are 10 mechanical, electrical, energy, controls and fire/security engineers in the Engineering team. There are five main strands to their work.  They provide engineering technical advisory services. For Imperial construction projects they develop technical standards to be met (BESPR’s - Building Engineering Services Particular Requirements) and are responsible for engineering review meetings.  They also manage all Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and contractors. The annual operating budget is c £1.5m.

The core role of the Engineering Team is to develop and monitor the engineering strategies and standards for Imperial projects. All designs, whether generated from within, or by external parties are required to be submitted to the Engineering Team for technical review.

The Engineering Team also provide the following services:

  • Building and engineering services particular requirements - Technical standards are published as BESPR's and are developed in consultation with the Directors of the Estates divisions. These are circulated to internal/external organisations.
  • Engineering Review Meetings - All construction projects are required to pass through an engineering services review. The Engineering team will attend to provide comment and advice on the design proposal to ensure the project meets Imperial's requirements.
  • Infrastructure strategy development - The Engineering Team develops infrastructre strategies to address the requirement for a reliable and robust services infrastructure for either individual buildings or a number of buildings. The Engineering Team takes an active lead in ensuring that quality and reliability is built into the initial installations and in their ability to be adequately safely maintained.
  • Technical Issues - Issues around the engineering services are referred to the Engineering Team. External consultants appointed by the College are encouraged as they progress their designs to discuss and agree technical issues with the Engineering Team.
  • Technical Advisor Group - The Engineering Manager is a Technical Adviser with respect to engineering services. The Technical Adviser Group comprises key professionals within Imperial who are required to be consulted on construction design proposals and the impact the project may have on the operation of the particular area of responsibility.

Engineering team frequently asked questions

Engineering FAQs

What are the Building Engineering Services Particular Requirements‌ (BESPRs)?

The BESPR are a set of mandatory requirements for building engineering services that set out Imperial’s minimum standards for compliance.

Where can the BESPRs be accessed?

Building Engineering Services Particular Requirements‌ The Building Engineering Services Particular Requirements‌ [PDF] are on the website at College standards.

Are there any other standards for Mechanical and Electrical services?

Mechanical and Electrical standards are available on the College standards page.

Where can I obtain drawings?

Is the Engineering Manager a Duty Holder?