The Health and Safety Team has revived the Safety Health Environment Leadership Team (SHELT).

This forum for College and its contractors aims to achieve excellence in construction safety culture based on Health And Safety Executive ideology.

The forums lapsed in 2017, when it was felt that original goals set when it was formed in 2014 had been met. It is felt that the time is right to reintroduce this collaborative forum with current contractors, setting some new goals and reviewing existing, considering the need for any improvements.

The SHELT terms of reference have been reviewed and distrubuted to participants by Oluseyi Oduntan our Construction Health and Safety Advisor.  Membership will be limited to 12 approved suppliers who will be invited to nominate a designated delegate. 

The first meeting of the revived forum was held on 18 June 2020 at South Kensington Campus. Minutes are circulated and made available on our webpages.

 If you would like to know more about the Forum contact Oluseyi Oduntan (  Mobile: 07517551937

The Safety Health Environment Leadership Team (SHELT) will meet in January, April, July and October each year.

The SHELT ideology stems from three documents produced by the HSE.

A Safety culture at the Olympic Park presentation‌ (pdf) was held in November 2013 to all main contractors looking at the lessons that Imperial College London could take from the project.



Previous minutes of the Safety Health Environment Leadership Team (SHELT) meetings

The newly constituted SHELT began meeting monthly from September 2020 to discuss improvements in construction safety culture. The aim is to achieve construction excellence by reviewing current standards that apply to health, safety and environmental practice and agreeing how standards can be improved.

Minutes are below:

The former College SHELT ceased meeting in 2017. Minutes from those meetings are below.

SHELT Terms of Reference

The SHELT terms of reference are currently being revised.

This is the previous SHELT Terms of Reference (pdf).

When the new signatories are agreed they will be listed below: