Transformation on level 6 I-HUB White City Campus

I-X, Imperial's flagship activity in machine learning / AI / Data Science and associated technologies, is on another level - quite literally.

A second floor for the department's use was completed in early 2024 on level 6 of the I-HUB on White City Campus as part of an overall £3.2m development. They have occupied areas of the fifth floor since phases one and two were completed in 2023. The development has been part funded by a £2.4m grant from the Office for Students.

Of special interest in the third phase of the works, led by Projects Delivery, supported by consultant Mortimer Isaacs, is the use of 'moveable meeting pods'.  The Fire Team played an essential role in integrating both sprinkler and alarm systems into the 12 pods, so they can be moved as needs change without the need for further infrastructure works. 

The sixth floor also boasts a new 'flat floor' 90 seat lecture theatre and two new teaching spaces, study and break out areas plus new AV. There is solid and glazed partitioning delineating space, and mechanical and electrical works facilitate the new floor layout.
Carpets and furniture complement the finish.

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