Construction site

Providing guidance and information to deliver construction works at Imperial College London

Imperial College London owns and operates one of the largest estates in the United Kingdom Higher Education sector. The College undertakes a wide range of refurbishment, redevelopment and new build projects across its campuses. Estates Operations Projects Delivery is tasked with the development and delivery of projects for Imperial over the value of £150,000.

To aid in the delivery of these projects a standard set of procedures have been delevoped. These provide guidance on the required project processes, a description of key roles and responsibilities and provides current documents, forms, policies and templates. The Project Management procedures underpinning the Project Procedures have been developed for use on College construction projects by a team of senior division staff and external specialists.

Estates Operations continually review and update the College construction Project Procedures to ensure that they meet the requirements of new and revised governmental policies, construction industry practices and wider College requirements. By ensuring the Project Procedures are periodically updated, external contractors and consultants employed to work on capital funded projects at Imperial College London can be confident that they are complying with College requirements in the delivery of construction projects.

The Project Procedures seek to help and assist individuals appointed to a College construction project meet the challenge of effective project delivery at the College whilst retaining sufficient flexibility to meet individual project needs.

Supporting forms, College regulations and guidelines are provided within the procedures. All projects shall be delivered through the application of these procedures.