The prefeasibility estimate prepared by the College Quantity Surveyor or under advice from external Cost Manager, based on the client brief to include:

  • £/m2 or construction for each option including the main contractor preliminaries, overheads and profit and allowance for pre-construction services
  • Professional fees
  • Initial surveys and investigations
  • Contingency
  • Inflation/deflation
  • Decant and/or relocation costs
  • Fittings, furniture and equipment
  • Active ICT and AV equipment
  • Initial estimate of VAT (as advised by the Imperial College London VAT Team)
  • Assumptions and exclusions

VAT on standard rated goods, services and construction should be allowed at the standard internal Imperial College London rate of 17% and should be confirmed with the College VAT Team.

Initial estimate of costs (Stage 0)


Internal Quantity Surveyor, Cost Manager


Initial feasibility estimate