Imperial College London activity is dependent on a reliable, functioning Building Energy Management System (BEMS). Extensions and alterations to the existing network must adhere to Imperial's Building Engineering Services Particular Requirements (pdf).

The Project Manager may approach any of the BMS Engineers on the list of approved suppliers in order to develop the BEMS design gain a cost for the proposed works. These companies are approved to undertake design on the TREND BEMS system.

The M&E Designer is to ensure that system configurations and plant selections are designed to avoid over complex controls solutions.

The Project Manager is to ensure that coordination meetings/design reviews are undertaken to allow the Controls Specialist to input at all Stages of the design so that the combined M&E design/controls proposals offer optimum solutions in terms of performance, energy efficiency and cost.

The M&E Designer and Controls Specialist to ensure that the Engineering Team Controls Engineer is involved during the design process to ensure that the above controls principles are achieved.

BEMS project procedure contains design deliverables and relevant steps to be followed in the development of the BEMS design.

Prepare stage 2 concept design (stage 2)


Project Manager, M&E Designer, Controls Specialist


BEMS Controls design