Environmental and sustainability assessment are to be considered for all projects with the following guide:

  • The assessment is to be initiated with the Project Manager, College Sustainability Champion, Design Team, Estate Development and Project’s Engineering Team and other key stakeholders
  • Projects valued at £5M are subject to appropriate BREEAM assessment
  • Projects valued between £300k and £5M can also be assessed by alternative RICS SKA assessment
  • Projects below £300k are to be assessed by ICL Projects Energy and Environment Assessment (TBC)
  • All large scale civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public works are to be assessed using CEEQUAL (TBC)

It is assumed current Building Regulation, in particular Part L will be complied with other legislative requirements such as EU energy rating EPC and DEC for buildings.

The Estates Development and Projects Sustainability specification (pdf) document is currently under review and will be updated here soon.

Environmental assessment and sustainability (Stages 0 to 7)

Stage 0 - Strategic definition

  • Agree and set environmental assessment methodology
  • Register methodology scheme e.g. BREEAM, SKA or other schemes

Stage 1 - Preparation and brief

  • Appoint appropriate licensed Sustainability Assessor and ICL Sustainability Champion
  • Carry out appropriate Pre – assessment and estimation
  • Agree minimum rating and associated risk / cost
  • If refurbishment project, check whether Building Regulation Consequential Improvements (CI) apply

Stage 2 - Concept design

  • Stakeholder workshop to discuss and agree achieving rating
  • Design team to produce Life Cycle Costing (LCC) for minimum credits required
  • Appoint key ‘suitably qualified experts’ (SQE) e.g. ecologist if required
  • Project Manager to consider suitable CI with LCC where appropriate

Stage 3 - Developed design

  • Review SQE report and risks
  • Analyses LCC for minimum credits and shortfalls
  • Sustainability Assessor to report evidence / progress / risks

Environmental assessment and sustainability (Stages 0 to 7)

Stage 4 - Technical design

  • Final stakeholder workshop/meeting to discuss risks
  • Agree final credits with full LCC and any minimum standards risks
  • Sustainability Assessor to submit evidence for interim certificate
  • Design team to comply to Building Regulation Part L (general)
  • Comply with Building Regulation CI for refurbishment work within suitable payback period

Stage 5 - Construction

  • Obtain interim sustainability certificate
  • Ensure good practice credits are adhered to e.g. considerate construction practice
  • Submit Building Regulation, EPC and other statutory environmental requirements
  • Inspect fabric work
  • Ensure CI works are complied

Stage 6 - Handover

  • Carry out continuous control commissioning as part of soft landing
  • Inspect site ecology as part of after care
  • Collate sustainability building user information

Stage 7 - In use

  • Monitor controls strategy and energy use by building occupiers / Estates Facilities

Outline planning considerations (Stage 1)


Project Manager, Design Team


Appoint BREEAM assessment, Environmental Assessment