The Design Team is expected to carry out and obtain all structural, building fabric and building services surveys. The Design Team will consult with the:

  • Maintenance Team for the building affected
  • Building Manager for the building affected
  • Engineering Team
  • Archives Officer (Projects)

The key sources of information and minimum surveys required are:

  • Asbestos
  • Artefact survey (pdf)
  • Building condition surveys
  • Building fabric manuals
  • Geotechnical survey (if applicable)
  • Architectural measured surveys
  • Related campus tunnel surveys (if applicable)
  • Archive record drawings to be evaluated
  • M and E services surveys (pdf)
  • Structural opening up (where available)

Outline planning considerations (Stage 1)


Project Manager, Design Team


Survey Reports and Information

M&E Consultant Services Surveys

The M&E Consultant is to survey the building services and related project areas as neccessary to ensure that the project design as it develops can be coordinated with:

  • Existing infrastructure
  • Modifications to the existing services systems
  • Proposed incorporation of the design within the building/designated area.

M&E Building Services Validation

The Project Manager and M&E Services Designer are to select and agree with the Engineering Team the appointment of a contractor/consultant to carry out a validation of the existing building services. This survey is to be carried out in consultation with the relevant Maintenance Team.

The Services survey and Services Validation information is required to confirm all the buildings services, conditions and functionality. This information is to be issued to the project Design Team.

Outline planning considerations (Stage 1)


Project Manager, M&E Services Desinger


M&E Survey Reports and Information