Imperial College London’s scope of supervisor’s service is intended to provide a standard approach through each project process to completion.

These supervisor duties have been prepared for use in the following circumstances:

  • To fulfil the Supervisor duties as described by the NEC 3 Engineering and Construction Contract
  • To retain a ‘watching brief’ on behalf of the Employer when a design team have been novated to a contractor
  • To retain an element of professional and design advice when the design team have been novated to a contractor

The supervisors duties are arranged over various stages of design and construction, as outlined below.

These Stages generally follow the RIBA stages. There is some repetition of particular services between different Stages.

NEC Supervisor design review (Stages 3 to 5)

Stage 3

Developed design

Scheme and design development, plus obtaining statutory approvals.

Stage 4

Technical design

Detail technical design and specifications plus statutory approval preparation of design details and further information for construction as required by construction contract. 

Stage 5


Mobilization, reviewing and inspecting the works.

Stage 6

Handover and Completion

Post construction: final inspections and accounts.

Procurement and Tendering: Procurement strategies, preparing and appraising tenders and preparing contracts.

The Supervisor must also allow for attending all relevant project, design and client meetings and producing reports as required. For the avoidance of doubt, the Architect where appointed will act as the lead consultant.

The Supervisor should note that their appointment may be limited to a single project stage, a number of stages, or for the full project cycle, depending on the requirements for each individual project, so that during each project stage, the advance planning of tasks and duties in future stages and strategies that extend beyond the project life cycle, e.g. operation, operational and maintenance need to be considered.