The Project Manager and Design Team will use the approved Client Brief as the starting point to develop the Design Brief and feasibility Study.

The Design Brief will be developed study following ongoing consultation with the Project Director, User Coordinator and Design Team. It will provide a thorough explanation outlining the aims, objectives and milestones of a project.

The Design Brief is a critical part of the design process as it ensures that the important design issues have been considered and questioned by the Design Team. The Design Team must have every bit of information to allow them to develop initial studies and effective design solutions that will be structured into the feasibility report.

The Feasibility Report will typically include information on the following issues:

  • Client Brief
  • Sustainable development
  • Budgets/costs
  • Timing
  • Technical
  • Safety
  • Fire
  • Site Waste Management Plans
  • Outline architectural, structural and service drawings
  • Risk Register - the brief will highlight key risks which will be logged in the project Risk Register
  • Accessibility/disability requirements
  • Planning/building consents
  • Energy management (consult with Head of Energy and Environment)
  • Servicing/maintenance (consult with Head of Maintenance, Head of Building Operations, Engineering Manager)

It is recognised that the development of the Client Brief to the Design Brief is an interactive and iterative process with the final brief to be approved by the stakeholders’ representative during the design review sessions.

The agreeing and fixing of the design elements progressively is critical to the success of the design process. 3.10 Appendix B - Agreeing / Fixing the design (pdf) provides a list of the key design related issues that will require progressive agreement during the design process at each stage.

Project design reviews shall be held during the Developed design stage.


The Project Manager is to arrange the Engineering Review Meeting (ERM) and a presentation of the Stage 3 Developed Design to the Technical Adviser Group (TAG) meeting. A draft feasibility report is to be issued prior to the ERM and TAG review meetings to the group members. The final report is to be issued at the completion on the Stage. 

Outline planning considerations (Stage 1)


Project Manager, Project Director, User Coordinator and Design Team


Feasibility Study Report