As-built record documents

As-built / As-installed record documents are to be delivered by the Contractor upon completion of the works. The record document package includes:

  • Building fabric manual (incorporating health and safety file)
  • Mechanical services Operating and Maintenance manual (O&M)
  • Electrical services O&M
  • Mechanical and electrical asset registers
  • As-built / As-installed drawings
  • Fire alarm O&M (where applicable)
  • BEMS manual (where applicable)
  • Specialist manuals (where applicable)

Delivery of accurate record documents is essential to enable the operation and understanding of the installation so that it can deliver performance throughout its designed life.

Quantity, format and content of record documents will have been agreed at the design Stage record document strategy meeting and in the majority of cases will fall under the standard production requirements.

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Review of record documents

The draft documents are to be produced in accordance with the handover plan to allow for review. Refer to Record document process guidelines (pdf) for details of the review process.


The completed, signed off record documents are to be delivered by the Project Manager upon project completion to the Archives Officer (Projects) for onward distribution to the agreed recipients. An issue memo is sent by the Archives Officer (Projects) to confirm delivery of record documents to Imperial's requirements.

Record document and O & M (Stage 5)


Project Manager, Principal Contractor, Archives Officer (Projects)


O&M manuals / As installed drawings

Building log books

A building log book is required in accordance with the requirements of the Building Regulations Part L and should be drafted following the guidance in the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) TM31 Log Book Toolkit.

The main contractor is responsible for the final delivery of the Log Book and should include input from all those responsible with the design and commissioning of the M&E services. Input should also include design of the building fabric where these elements impact on the internal environmental strategy.

Record document and O & M (Stage 5)


Project Manager, Main Contractor


Building Log Book