The client brief is the start up tool that Imperial uses to commence work on a project. The client brief can be drafted by an Imperial stakeholder who wants the potential project to be undertaken by Estates Development and Projects or the Estates Facilities division. The author of the form may identify themselves as the Project Champion, Project Director or just client brief author and can be a member of a faculty, academic department, or support services division.

The Client brief [Word] shall be drafted in accordance with the requirements stated.

The author may seek assistance from a member of Estates Development and Projects or Estates Facilities in drafting the client brief.

The Faculty Operating Officer/Support Services Head of Division shall endorse the client brief prior to submission. The client brief will be used by estates to assess the project and give preliminary advice on the feasibility of a project, programme, costs and next approval steps. The next step is generally the submission of the Project Initiation Documentation (PID) to Project Review Meeting (PRM). In some cases, decided by the Director of Estates Development and Projects in consultation with the Head of Finance, the client brief may be submitted to PRM for approval.

Following approval at the PRM, a Project Manager will be allocated by Estates Development and Projects or Estates Facilities.

The approved client brief will be used as the starting point for the development of the design brief.