The Faculty Operating Officer is responsible for the submission of the Project Initiation Documentation (PID). The Project Initiation Document (PID) [Word] shall be completed with all relevant information included such as Client Brief, Project Feasibility report, Business Case, financial Appraisal and so on. The Project Manager shall undertake an initial briefing session with the Faculty Operating Officer (FOO) to understand the project objectives, opportunities and risks. The Business Case is to form part of the Brief and to be carried on into feasibility and the Project Initiation Document (PID). The operations group and cost Manager can assist with the financial appeasal and pay back period of the investor.

The Client Brief, Feasibility Report and Business Case are to be developed into the Project Initiation Documentation (PID). The completed PID is issued to the Project Review Meeting (PRM) for approval. An estimated cash flow should be part of the PID.

For projects over £1 million an Updated Investment Appraisal Model shall be submitted with the PID for presentation to the Project Review Meeting (PRM) at the end of Stage 1 - Preparation and brief.

On completion of the Appraisal Model, a Business Case Summary is to be completed in the PID and approved by the project champion.

On approval a project notification will be issued which will indicate the beginning of the project, stating the allocated Project Manager.