The purpose of the Post Project Review (PPR) is to review the completed project and find lessons learnt on what went well and what could be done better.

This review is not a process or session to apportion blame for any issues affecting the project. It is intended to promote collaboration and agreement on what and why there were advantages and disadvantages to doing things a certain way.

The full process is illustrated in the Post Project Review (PPR) guidelines. The PPR should take place between one and two months after completion.

The Post Project Review will include:

  • Pre-workshop questionnaire to be sent to the attendees
  • A Post Project Review workshop
  • A Post Project Review report; and the lessons learnt log updated

The Project Manager will engage an independent facilitator for the PPR workshop. This individual should be independent from the project. The facilitator can be either a senior member of one of the project teams companies or a senior member of staff at Imperial College London who is not directly involved with the project. The Project Manager should discuss the main lessons learnt with Estates Development and Projects Director. These will then be added to the lesson learnt log and made available on the division website. Imperial collates and analyses the findings from the Post Project Reviews to produce common findings/denominators from each project and then use these findings to benefit future projects. A file containing a log of lesson learnt from previous projects is available on request from the Estates Development and Projects division.

Information on what is expected from a PPR and how this is to be conducted are in the documents below.


Outline planning considerations (Stage 1)


Project Manager, PPR Facilitator

The Project Manager shall distribute the Post Project Review Outcome Report to all relevant parties. The distribution shall include the Information Manager. The Information Manager will extract the lessons learned from the Outcome Report to populate the Lessons Learnt Log. The log will highlight key areas of the project procedures and processes that will be addressed by the College. The Lessons Learnt Log will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

A file containing lessons learnt from previous post project reviews  for reference is available on request  to the Projects Information Manager. 

Outline planning considerations (Stage 1)


Project Manager, Information Manager