The Project Manager, with the assistance of the User Coordinator, is to organise a presentation for the end users at the end of each Stage. The aim of the presentation is to have the sign off of the end users. The presentation materials and invitees should be agreed with the User Coordinator; generally attendees will be the Senior Supplier, key end users, the Project Director and Project Champion.

In some cases, with agreement of the Senior Supplier and the User Coordinator, the presentation and sign off by the users can be obtained by issuing information by email.

The Project Manager should record all comments at the meeting and any comments received by email.

Following receipt of comments the Project Manager, together with the Design Team, or other relevant parties will:

  • Adjust/amend the review information to reflect the comments received. 
  • Agree a strategy with the individual/department to ensure implementation of the comments within the next stage. 
  • Agree with the individual/department that their comments will/will not be implemented and record the reasons for the decision.

Outline planning considerations (Stage 1)


Project Manager with Design Team


Record - email/Project Team Meeting Minutes, Sign Off Design Stage