Asbestos Management (Stages 1 to 6)

Stage 1

The Project Manager will identify the boundaries of the site works area, including locations for plant and equipment, and the routes for services. They will then submit an Asbestos information request (Word) for an initial asbestos survey report through the Estates Operations Customer Services Centre ( The request must be accompanied by an Imperial College London floor plan marked to indicate the extent of the survey information.

It should be noted that the survey information received is based on early design criteria and must be reviewed periodically through the full design process. This review process will extend through the contractor’s design period to identify changes in locations that might occur, as a consequence of changes in the original design. These changes may require further asbestos surveys to be undertaken and the asbestos reports to be updated.

Refer to:

Responsibility: Project Manager

Output: Initial asbestos survey report

The Project Manager will supply the Cost Manager with a copy of the initial asbestos survey report (or the appropriate section from the asbestos register) including potential costs for remedial action.

The Cost Manager will use the information to update the initial cost estimate and include it in the Project Initiation Document (PID) (Word) for approval by Imperial College London.

Responsibility: Asbestos Management Consultants, Cost Manager, Project Manager

Output: Initial Asbestos Report, PID

Stages 2 to 4

Asbestos information should be updated periodically during Stages 2 and 3. The tender documents must include an updated asbestos report and recommendations, to ensure the contractors make due allowance in their costs and programme, to deal with any outstanding asbestos removal, or encapsulation issues.

Stage 5

The Project Manager should ensure that the appointed Principal Contractor includes asbestos management issues in their site inductions and provides adequate asbestos management throughout the construction period.

Should changes occur to the scope of works that necessitates construction works to be undertaken outside of the original site demise, e.g. a change of route for services distribution; an additional asbestos survey and report must be requested by the Project Manager and provided to the contractor, prior to the start of any intrusive works.

Refer to Stage 1 activities.

Stage 6

At project hand-over, an asbestos report outlining the extent of any residual asbestos must be included in the health and safety sections of the Building Fabric Manual and the Mechanical and Electrical Operation and Maintenance Manuals. The report should include fully marked up drawings, indicating the type and location of the asbestos containing materials.