The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring the production of the Pre-Construction Information schedule (PCI), until the point when it has been agreed with the Projects Team and deemed suitable for inclusion in the tender documents.

The Principal Designer (PD), when appointed, will assist the project team with developing the PCI, up to its inclusion in the tender documents.

Information that may be included:

  • Asbestos information reports
  • Access and egress for contractors
  • Storage areas identified
  • Parking and delivery arrangements identified
  • Welfare facilities identified
  • Noisy work times
  • Out of hours working arrangements
  • Decanting arrangements
  • Protection of sensitive equipment
  • Dust control methodology 
  • Emergency evacuation for building users through the construction site
  • Significant design risk items that remain to be eliminated and/or reduced, through the contractor’s design

Pre-construction information (Stage 1)


Project Manager


Preconstruction Information schedule, Permit to Work