Filing consultant tender and contract documents (Stage 0)

Filing consultant tender returns

Tender returns contain business sensitive information and personal data and must be stored out of sight at all times. The Records and Archive Officer (Estates) provides secure storage of these records once they are no longer required for evaluation, when they are documented on the records database and will go on to be transferred to College Archives and Corporate Records Unit (ACRU) at project close.

  • Tender returns are held by the Category Manager (Finance) until the return of the signed tender report. 
  • Electronic version are uploaded to Project Filing 7.01 by the Category Manager (Finance). 
  • Once the tender report has been signed, all physical copies, including any electronic storage media, of the tender returns are transferred to the Archives Officer (Projects).
  • The Project Manager must ensure the tender report is filed in Section 7.01 of the hard and soft copy project filing.
  • The Records and Archives Officer decants the documents from any binders or envelopes and stores them in a secure cabinet.
  • The returns are logged on the ReMAS records database and a copy of the report is sent to the Project Manager.


Project close out

Unsuccessful tenders are retained for 1 year or project close-out, whichever is later. Secure destruction is arranged by the Records and Archives Officer (Estates) following confirmation by the Project Manager.

Successful tenders are transferred to ACRU after project close-out, for 12 year retention.

Filing consultant contracts

Filing Consultant Appointments and Novation Agreements

The consultant appointment documents are collated by the College Quantity Surveyor (Estates).

Electronic signed copies are uploaded to the procurement project files by the Category Manager (Finance). These folders are linked to the respective project file, section 7, for access by the Senior Supplier (or a College Project Manager, according to nature of project).

The hard copy documents are delivered to the Records and Archives Officer (Estates) for secure storage for the project duration.

The Records and Archives Officer (Estates) logs all documents received onto the ReMAS records database and sends a copy of the report to the Senior Supplier, Category Manager and College Quantity Surveyor.

Access to the documents during the project period is to be arranged with the Records and Archives Officer (Estates), so ensure all loaned records can be documented and monitored for their return.

Project close out

Following receipt of the Project Closeout form (at the end of the defects period) the documents are transferred to ACRU to be archived for 12 years in line with the College Retention Schedule.