Outline procurement strategy (Stage 0 and 1)

Stage 0 - Outline

The outline procurement strategy should be considered during Stage 0 and should include the procurement of:

  • Project Manager's appointment 
  • Design Team consultants and precise scope of services of consultants 
  • Supervisor appointments
  • Surveys and enabling works required

Stage 1 - Procurement Strategy

The procurement strategy should detail further the preferred options agreed within the outline procurement strategy based on Master Project Programme, complexity of the proposed project and project value.

  • Further consultant appointments required
  • Surveys and enabling works required
  • Main Contractor procurement route (2 Stage tender or single Stage tender or any other route which in agreement with Imperial College is deemed suitable)
  • Allocation of risk as per the risk register (Contractor or Employer)
  • Sectional handover
  • Key site constraints
  • Contract selection

The procurement strategy shall recommend a single or two Stage tender option or an acceptable procurement route for the Main Contractor. This will be decided by Estates Development and Projects, giving due regard to contractor performance and current workload.

At the end of Stage 1 - completion of feasibility study, the Category Manager (Construction) will issue a provisional Main Contractor, M&E and BEMS Sub-Contractor tender list for review and agreement.


  • College standard appointment (under review)
  • Core consultant duties (under review)
  • Design responsibilities matrix (under review)