Main Contractor tender (Stage 3)

Tender prices are to be sought from Main Contractors based on RIBA Stage 3 Works Information, design and specifications.

All members of the Project Team will attend a pre-tender issue workshop chaired by the Cost Manager to review full pack of tender information prior to issue to the Main Contractors. This workshop should be scheduled no later than three days before the agreed tender issue date.

Tender enquiry document to be issued to agreed Main Contractor list to include but not limited to:

  • Instruction to tenderers
  • Form of Contract
  • Imperial College tender enquiry document including Works Information
  • Cost and Quality Split for Tender Analysis
  • Risk Register
  • Standard Imperial College Appendices
  • Architectural drawings and specifications
  • M&E drawings and specifications
  • Structural drawings and specifications

The Cost Manager will provide Imperial with an electronic copy of the full and complete Tender Enquiry Document for filing.

Tender opening

Tenders will be returned to the Category Manager (Construction) as per Instruction to tenderers who will ensure appropriate members of the Project Team are present to witness and register contractors tender price offer. Registers will be retained by Category Manager (Construction).

Tender analysis

Imperial’s standard tender analysis is based on a range 50/50 to 70/30 weighting for cost and quality, although Imperial reserves the right to adjust these percentages further based on the specific requirements of the project.

Tenders will be subject to internal analysis based on:

  • Tender price
  • Risk
  • Quality and completeness of tender submission including experience of proposed team
  • Post tender interview


Post tender interview

Selected tenderers will be invited to attend a post-tender interview where they will be given an opportunity to present their proposal and to answer any questions arising from the Design Team. It should also be used to introduce the Construction Team including proposed M&E sub-contractor and any others as relevant to the project (this should, where practically possible, be the team the Contractor intends to carry out the delivery of the project).

The tender interview template will be completed based on the specific requirements of the project and Project Team members may be asked to submit a number of questions which will be posed to every contractor (these must be the same questions to allow for accurate assessment).

The interviews will be typically one hour long, the Project Team will allocate 10 minutes between each interview to allow for reaching a consensus on interview performance based on pre-agreed evaluation criteria.


  • Tender analysis matrix
  • Tender interview template