Advice of Impending Contract Works

When a contractor has been appointed and the start on site date has been agreed, the Project Manager should issue the Advice of Impending Contract Works (AICW) to the EDP administrator who will circulate the AICW to the standard distribution list plus project specific distribution list (indicated by the Project Manager).

Note to complete the form

  • Benefits and justification: This can be extracted from the PID.
  • Delivery contact: This is generally the contact for the contractor’s Site Manager unless agreed differently by the contractor. 
  • Other enquiries: Detail of the Project Manager and senior supplier can be indicated.
  • Attachment: A location plan should be attached to the (AICW).
  • Additional distribution: The Project Manager should indicate by email to the EDP administrator the email address of the project specific distribution list.

The table below indicates those who must be included in additional distribution and those who are optional.

Must be includedOptional at PM’s discretion

Users coordinator
Project Champion
Project Director
Building manager
Maintenance Team leader

Faculty Operating Officers
Head of Department
Director of ICT
Car Parking Coordination
Local Residents
Imperial College London Union



Initial estimate of costs (Stage 0)


Project Mananger