Prior to the site area being handed over to the contractor, the Project Manager will arrange a handover meeting with the Imperial Building and Maintenance Managers and the contractor.

The site handover and handover process, is confined to ensuring Decontamination Certificates have been issued to the contractor and that live services are suitably identified. This review meeting is also an opportunity for the Imperial maintenance team and the contractor to discuss and agree protocols for service isolations and how they will work together; to ensure all service issues are adequately managed; to avoid any unplanned service disruptions.

The items on the site handover should be ticked off and notes appended for any “unsafe” items observed e.g. chemicals, or equipment, that the department has to either remove and/or make safe, prior to the contractor taking control of a space.

When all parties have agreed any to actions outstanding, the Maintenance Manager and the contractor’s Site Manager should sign off the pro-forma. The Project manager should ensure all parties receive a copy for their file. 

Any actions that have programmatic or cost implications, should be recorded and confirmed to all parties following this site handover meeting.