Establish a Project Board (Stage 1)

The Project Board is accountable to Imperial College London for the success of the project and has the authority to direct the project within the remit set by Imperial as documented in the Project Initiation Document (PID) (Word). It is also responsible for the communications between the Project Management team and the stakeholders external to that team.

According to the scale, complexity, importance and risk of the project, Project Board members may delegate some project assurance tasks to separate individuals and decisions regarding changes to a Change Authority. Decisions on change outside approved budget must be referred to the Project Review Meeting (PRM) (Stages 0, 1 and 4).

On approval of a PID, the Project Manager will seek to ensure the establishment of a Project Board in collaboration with the Project Director who will be named on the PID. The Project Manager will arrange board meetings.

The members of the board will be appropriate for the scale of the project in order to be able to carry out the responsibilities of the board. The minimum composition of the Project Board will comprise of the following people, named on the PID:

  • Project Champion
  • Project Director
  • Senior Supplier
  • User Coordinator
  • Project Manager (optional member but will report to the board)

The Project Board is chaired by the Project Director who may invite others onto the Board such as the Project Champion or other significant project stakeholders. It is usual for the Project Manager to attend the meetings to report on project progress. The Project Manager can invite a Design Team member to the project board meeting as appropriate. The Project Board will meet at regular intervals throughout the lifetime of the project and minutes will be taken and distributed to those attending.