Project reports will be required through all Stages until an agreed point where the project has completed all scheduled tasks and/or outstanding issues are closed.

Upon appointment the Project Manager will be responsible for reporting regularly. They will be required to produce a weekly summary report for the Estates director and a monthly highlight report to the Project Director and the Project Board. On larger projects a more detailed monthly Progress Report will be required.

Information for inclusion in report may include:

  • Changes to the Risk Register
  • Value engineering issues
  • Updates to the Project Execution Plan
  • Issues raised by the Project Board
  • Definition of the project handover requirements
  • Next Stage plan including changes to the overall project programme
  • Project Director/End User design Stage reviews
  • Stage design and cost plan review
  • Engineering Review Meeting minutes
  • Technical Advisor Group meeting minutes
  • Stage design developments
  • Appointment of controls specialist
  • Site Waste Management process initiation
  • Planning application developments
  • 1851 Commission approval (if applicable)
  • Procurement Strategy approval
  • Preconstruction health and safety information
  • Asbestos cost and management issues
  • Production information approvals
  • Production of construction drawings by the contractor
  • Sub contractor appointments
  • HSE F10 Notification
  • Project insurance requirements
  • Appointment of validation specialist

The monthly reports from Stage 3 will reflect the appointment of a main contractor and services contractor following tender evaluation and recommendation and will start to incorporate main contractor and services contractor(s) reports.

Weekly status report

A weekly status report is generated from the project database. The Project Manager will update the project database on the status of their project(s). For new projects the Project Manager shall be added to the project line in the database. This will allow the Project Manager to edit and update the project information throughout its lifecycle. The weekly reports will summarise any significant issues that have arisen in the past week. Any issue that may require the issue of an exception report will be summarised in the control measures column.

The Capital accountant will update the relevant financial information on the database for each project.

Each project is to be updated no later than close of business on the Thursday of that week.

Access to project database (Sharepoint) shall be provided by the Information Team.

Highlight report

The Project Manager shall issue a Highlight Report to the Project Director and the Project Board at a frequency decided by the Project Board or monthly during construction period - Short highlight report (Word) and Highlight report (Word).

Progress report

On some larger projects a more detailed monthly report will be required to be issued at the end of each calendar month. The Senior Supplier will advise the Project Manager whether this is required and shall agree the format and content with them.

Initial estimate of costs (Stage 0)


Project Mananger


Progress Report