The provision of as installed information is essential to enable the operation and understanding of the installation so that it can deliver performance throughout its designed life.

The issue of record documents, produced to Imperial agreed standards and issued formally by the Principal Contractor upon completion, is a required deliverable of a construction project.

To ensure timely production of the Operation and Maintenance Manuals and As-built drawings, a record document strategy meeting is arranged once the contractor has been appointed. For complex, large or phased projects, a preliminary strategy meeting should be arranged during Stage 1-2 Design to allow for specific record document requirements to be incorporated into the tender documentation.

Building fabric and operation and maintenance manuals

The Contractor is to appoint a Technical Author from the Imperial approved list of suppliers to produce the building fabric manual and infrastructure (Mechanical, Electrical, Public Health, Fire etc) Operating and Maintenance Manuals. All manuals are produced in accordance with College procedures.

The O&M Manuals and as installed drawings are to be prepared in accordance with the strategy meeting and project handover plan. Production progress is to be tracked and monitored as part of project handover meetings to ensure timely collation of material and completion of drafts for review.

As-built / As-installed drawings

The strategy meeting will confirm the requirement and approval process for as-built / as-installed Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical services drawings. All drawings are to be produced to the standard outlined in the project specific EIR (Employers Information Requirements).  Where a project specific EIR has not been produced, refer to the Building Information Standards for the minimum requirements.

Standard Contents

The manuals are produced in line with the standard set of contents outlined in the Production Guideline documents and will in most cases follow the format of a building fabric manual incorporating the health and safety file, supplemented by separate Mechanical and Electrical manuals.

The Record Document Strategy meeting will also determine the requirement for separate Mechanical and Electrical O&M Manuals for smaller projects with minor infrastructure works. Where agreed appropriate, the mechanical and electrical information will instead be included in Section 10 of the Building Fabric Manual. The completed Building Fabric manual must then also include AutoCAD drawings of any mechanical and electrical infrastructure installed.

Initial estimate of costs (Stage 0)


Project Manager, Principal Contractor, Technical Author


O&M Manuals / As installed drawings