The scope of services for the Design Team, supervisors, novated consultant and M and E sub-contractors are part of the Imperial College London contract document and form part of the approved supplier contract.

The scope of services and deliverables may need to be adapted to suit the scope of different projects. Designers new to Imperial College London may have a need to fully understand what is required by them at each Stage and is therefore required that the scope of services is discussed at each design Stage to ensure that the team will deliver the project as per Imperial College London’s requirements.

The PM should organise the following meetings, issue agenda and minutes.

Scope of services review meeting (Stages 2 to 4)

Stage 2

With designers, senior supplier, engineering team manager

The aim of the meeting is to assess the project brief against the scope of services, confirm the deliverables for Stages 2 to 3 and agree if any specialist designers are required. If a specialist designer is required, the responsibilities of the specialist should be clearly agreed and described.

Owners of surveys and validations should also be agreed. Which surveys are carried out by the designers or specialists should be clarified. It is Imperial College’s preference that all specialist surveys and designs are procured as sub consultants under the appropriate design discipline. 

Stage 3

Review meeting with designers, main contractor, (appointed first stage), supervisor (appointed to review stage 3) senior supplier, engineering team manager

At Stage 3 the contractor will join the team under PCSA (in a two stage tender process), the supervisor will join the team to assist Imperial College London in checking that the design complies with Imperial College London’s standards and regulations requirements. The Project manager and the team should agree best way to ensure that a thorough review process of the design information will be in place before issuing the tender (review meetings, design workshop, ICL internal reviews) and that logistic and site constraints have been incorporated in the design.

A meeting I will be arranged by the PM to clarify responsibilities and duties of all team members and agree practical communication protocols and procedures for issuing and reviewing information and quality checking.

Stage 4

Scope of service review meeting with main contractor, NEC supervisor, novated consultant, and sub-contractors, senior supplier, engineering team manager

The aim of the meeting is to give the main contractor an opportunity to demonstrate how the design process will be managed to deliver quality and compliance with the client brief, Imperial College’s standards and statutory regulations. The main contractor is responsible for the design with the novated consultants and sub-contractors. It is important that novated consultant and sub-contractors are fully aware of each other scope of services to avoid any duplication of activities or lack of completed design.

The role of supervisor and Project Manager are defined under NEC contract.

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