Each project will have a project file created to ensure compliance with Imperial policy to meet national legislation requirements. The project file also provides an organised structure to effectively manage project administration.

A project file is set up as standard for all projects in electronic and hard copy during Stage 0 by the Estates Records & Archives Officer.

All project files are referenced with the project number and the project title.  This project number must be used on all project documentation.

Electronic filing and hard copy filing is created as standard for all projects. Electronic filing will be created on a College server or on BOX where applicable. Access to the project filing can be requested via the Estates Records & Archives Officer.

Hard copy filing is created in the Estates Projects and Development office on Level 5, Sherfield Building. The Estates Records & Archives Officer ensures that each project is registered on the Records Management system to provide a log of expected project documentation.

Initial estimate of costs (Stage 0)


Archives Officer, Project Information Manager


Set up Project File

Maintaining Project Filing through Stages 0 to 7

The Project Manager is responsible for maintaining and populating their project file. The format and sub section organisation of both the electronic and the hard set of project files reflect the requirements for effective project management and to meet wider Imperial policy. All project documentation shall be filed in the relevant titled folder or section of the hard or electronic project file.

Where an external Project Manager is appointed, a collaborative project file is set up on BOX cloud storage by the Estates Records & Archives Officer. The Project Manager is given access to the file and is responsible for maintaining and populating the folders, providing access to external collaborators within the project team, where appropriate.

Although external Project Managers may also need to use their own company's filing system this does not preclude them from producing any project related document required from the Imperial project filing system. All Project Managers, internal and external, whilst employed on an Imperial project must be able to provide any project document on request immediately.

At project completion it is the Project Managers responsibility to notify the Estates Records & Archives Officer of project completion and commencement of the defects period. At end of the defects period, the Project Manager is to liaise with the Estates Records & Archives Officer to ensure delivery of all remaining project filing to Imperial.

Imperial is responsible under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000 to provide on request from any party, any information, file or document without exception. External consultants where contracted to manage a project must deliver all relevant information to Imperial to ensure it can comply with this legislation.

Refer to the Divisional Records Management Policy and Record Keeping Guidance for further information

Initial estimate of costs (Stage 0)


Project Manager


Maintain/Populate Project Filing