Imperial College London is committed to evolving consistent and cohesive specifications for components and materials incorporated within construction projects. These standards will be developed to optimise both the capital and through-life value of our investments, whilst affirming the College brand.

These specifications have been appraised by the College and are considered to be technically compliant and compatible with College requirements and current technical policies. However, the information contained within the specifications comprises an evolving standard and will benefit from the considered observations, input and recommendations of all who use it.

It should also be noted that on a project-by-project basis each performance specification where proposed should still be filtered through a design verification exercise to ensure that their application is appropriate.

These forms and documents are updated regularly and should be used as the current versions. Do not use copies from any other source as the information contained may be out of date.

Architectural standards

See A-Z listing for pdfs

For further information please contact the Space Management Team

Mechanical and Electrical standards

Exceptions and revisions

No deviations from the Standard Specifications will be allowed until an Exceptions and Revisions Report has been completed in full, and authorised by a Senior Project Manager.

Information Communications Technology

Safety Department (local exhaust ventilation)