You are cordially inviting you to an ISBD webinar on Vascular Manifestations of Behçet’s Disease – similarities and differences to COVID-19 to be held on 22nd January, 2021 13:00-16:00 GMT. The webinar will be co-hosted virtually in London by the Imperial College Network of Excellence in Vascular Science and the Imperial College Centre of Excellence in Vasculitis Research.

It is clear that some of the most serious complications of COVID-19 are thrombotic, and that these bear some resemblance to thrombosis in Behçet’s Disease.  The webinar aims to bring participants up to date on the mechanisms, clinical features and treatment of vascular Behçet’s (speakers: Emire Seyahi, Turkey and Giacommo Emmi, Italy), and then review current understanding of COVID-19-vasculopathy (speakers: Dennis McGonagle, UK and Beverley Hunt, UK).

The programme has room for four 10 minute presentations (plus 5 minute discussion) based on submitted abstracts. We will be particularly interested to hear from graduate student, fellows and early career researchers, but the four spots are entirely open. Anyone interested in making a presentation should please e-mail Dorian Haskard (

Current Programme


13:00 – Welcome and Introduction – Dorian Haskard (President of ISBD) and Justin Mason (Imperial College London Centre of Excellence in Vasculitis Research)

Session 1: Vascular manifestations in BD 

13:05 – Pathogenetic mechanisms of thrombotic events in BD Giacomo Emmi, Italy

13:30 – Clinical features and treatment of vascular manifestations in BD Emire Seyahi, Turkey

13:55 -14.15 Break

Session 2: Vascular manifestations in COVID 

14.15 – Pathogenesis of COVID-19 and COVID-19 related vasculitis Dennis McGonagle, UK

14:40 – Autoantibodies in COVID-19 related to thrombosis Charis Pericleous, UK 

15:00 – Clinical features and treatment of thrombosis in COVID-19 patients Beverley Hunt, UK

15:25 – General discussion on similarities and differences between vascular complications of BD and COVID-19

15:30  – Close