Hand-drawn postcard being put into red post box

In this CLCC Research Seminar, Dr Mark Pope will talk through his experience of developing a visual reflective practice through his 2019-20 student partnership project, ‘Dear Change Maker’.

Exploring the idea of reflection, the session will include an interactive reflective activity for the audience. Please have a pen and paper on hand if you’d like to participate.

In our Change Makers undergraduate teaching we have a range of modules where mixed-discipline students tackle real world problems related to sustainable human development.

To encourage reflection and create divergent modes of expression, we paired students across modules and gave them a blank postcard each week. A lively correspondence project ensued with students creating textual and visual representations of their progress and reflections in dialogue with a student from another module.

As the weeks went by, the images took over from the text as the focus of the communication – but did this practice impact the students’ learning and progress in their modules?


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