Geotechnics Section News and Events

  • 2022 Cooling Prize: Congratulations to former MSc student Stan Qi who was awarded the 2022 Cooling Prize based on his MSc dissertation.
  • ASCE Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering Editor's Choice: Congratulations to Antonio Carraro whose paper was selected as Editor's Choice in May 2022:   "Effect of Principal Stress Rotation and Intermediate Principal Stress Changes on the Liquefaction Resistance and Undrained Cyclic Response of Ottawa Sand" by E.O.Tastan and J.A.H.Carraro; Volume 148, Issue 5.

  • 2021 BGA Conference Prize: Congratulations to Tokio Morimoto and Marina Schaider Bortolotto for winning first prize for their poster "Experimental and modelling challenges on temperature effects on granular material" at the BGA annual conference.

  • Revised MSc Curriculum: We are delighted to announce that in the 2021-2022 we are launching a new MSc curriculum including a new module on Geotechnical Infrastructure and  a new specialisation option: MSc in Soil Mechanics with Engineering Geology.  This curriculum was developed reflecting on our experience in teaching MSc students and recognising new challenges that have been posed to geotechnical practitioners in recent years.  Information on the New MSc course can be found in our course flyer.

  • Industrial bursary scheme: The Imperial College Geotechnics Industrial MSc Bursary Scheme was established in June 1996 to provide industrially funded bursary awards to MSc students. Funding normally covers full fees and partial subsistence costs, giving priority to UK based students.  Further details can be found on our bursary group page.  The deadline for the October 2021 entry is fast approaching – MSc applications received by 31 May will be automatically considered for the scheme.

  • MSc Scholarships: The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has  30 Departmental Tuition Fee Scholarships ready to award for October 2021.  Applicants for the Soil Mechanics MSc degrees can apply for these scholarships.   Take a look at our scholarships search tool for the full list of available scholarships.

  • £1.5 million grant awarded to develop Sustainable, Flexible and Efficient Ground-source heating and cooling systems (SaFEGround): Dr. David Taborda is leading this UKRI-funded project that aims to decarbonise heating and cooling.   Funding was awarded in May 2021.  Details of this, and other projects funded in this scheme can be found on the UKRI website.

  • Other recent activities, events and news.