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Places on the Hamlyn Accelerator programme are limited to 4/5 candidates, subject to funding availability. As a result, the programme undertakes a selection process to evaluate which applications would best benefit from the Hamlyn Accelerator main objectives:

  1. Aligning Technological development with clinical needs to establish focused translational activities and ensure “pull-through” of platforms from laboratory findings to benefits at the patients’ bedside
  2.  Accelerating platform development to fast deployment in clinical setting. From proof-of-concept low/mid TRL to High TRL, to help establish new consortia and follow-on translational and clinical trial funding.
  3.  Strengthening IP and regulatory pathway to ensure appropriate IP protection and freedom to operate thus maximizing commercial translation of the technologies 

Hamlyn Accelerator Value for Applicants and Participants

The HASI exists as a unique opportunity for Imperial ECRs to explore the market relating to their own or closely related academic research. Applicants recognise that the programme provides an opportunity to develop new entrepreneurship and business development skills, acquire knowledge of processes that regulate the MedTech industry for obtaining medical device certification, and potentially open the door to new career prospects in the process. HASI also provides an opportunity for its participants to develop substantial networks with clinical advisors, industry, payers, users and patients represent significant benefits beyond the research impact and skills of normal research projects.  

Hamlyn Accelerator for Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation

The Hamlyn Accelerator is designed to mitigate risk through “customer discovery and validation” intended as potential clinical users, patients, and firms operating in the sector, as well as a further development of the core technology, aimed to increase the TRL consistently, thus positioning the HASI participant in a better position for licensing, apply for “first-in-human-use” or spinout a venture. The HASI process aims to assist IPC Faculty embedded teams in de-risking the failed translation of College IP via licencing (where relevant) or venture creation. Imperial Enterprise’s Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation teams, the entities responsible for protecting and exploiting College Intellectual Property (similar to TTO of other organisations) recognise the commercial benefits of HASI IP de-risking effects and the programmes capacity to cultivate new industry relationships and networks.