Imperial Expectations guide the behaviour of all our staff. The seven statements shape the working lives of all of us. They show how we respect and support each other in achieving personal goals and the College’s strategic objectives. They directly impact on what it feels like to work at Imperial and they are a public statement for attracting new staff.

Imperial Expectations guide the behaviour of all our staff:

positive iconChampion a positive approach to change and opportunity

For example:
You consider proposals for change in terms of the benefits to the team or organisation.
You recognise that there can be an emotional reaction to change and do your best to manage this thoughtfully.
You look for ways to solve problems and create imaginative and innovative solutions.

participation iconEncourage inclusive participation and eliminate discrimination

For example:
You treat individuals with respect.
You support team working and involve others in team activities – formal and informal.
You challenge behaviour, actions and words that do not support the promotion of equality and diversity. 
You comply with legal requirements and organisational policies.

iconCommunicate regularly and effectively within, and across, teams

For example:
You use communication styles appropriate to different people and situations.
You present information clearly, concisely and accurately to promote understanding.
You ask questions and listen with care in order to understand better.

thoughts iconConsider the thoughts and expectations of others

For example:
You ask for and listen to other people’s views and ideas.
You take other people’s views into account when planning and setting deadlines.
You discuss and agree what is expected of others and what they can expect of you. 

outcomes iconDeliver positive outcomes

For example:
You deliver results and consistently seek to improve your performance.

You monitor the quality of your work and progress against plans and take appropriate corrective action, where necessary.
You look for ways to contribute to the group or team’s success.

development iconDevelop and grow skills and expertise

For example:
You take advantage of opportunities to learn and develop.
You ask for feedback from others and use it to develop.
You encourage others to learn and develop.

planned iconWork in a planned and managed way

For example:
You make best use of your time at work.
You plan and prioritise tasks.
You are mindful of other’s work priorities when working with others.

Imperial Expectations are embedded in all our people-related policies and increasingly they are becoming the norm for our way of working and treating each other.
Here are some of the ways that different parts of the College have engaged with Imperial Expectations to ensure they are relevant and clear.