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Working Parents

Thursday 14 March (11:00-13:00)

Wednesday 5 June (11:00-13:00)

Wednesday 9 October (11:00-13:00)


Managing your career and family balance

Wednesday 13 March (11:00-13:00)

Thursday 6 June (11:00-13:00)

Thursday 17 October (11:00-13:00)


Supporting you as a working carer

Tuesday 12 March (13:00-14:00)

Tuesday 4 June (13:00-14:00)

Tuesday 15 October (13:00-14:00)

Parents and Carers Workshops

The College recognises that the transition into the life changing event of parenthood can be both difficult and stressful for some. These workshops and the online portal look at both the practical and emotional aspects to enable staff to develop in their careers alongside their care responsibilities, through effective planning and communication.

The workshops are held in small groups to encourage personal reflection and discussion with others.  They are facilitated by a qualified coach who will help individuals navigate their personal change journeys during the transition to and from parental leave.  Although a member of HR will be present for a short time to answer any policy-related questions, the majority of the session will not cover internal policies so do please familiarise yourself with these if needed before the session. 

The workshops are all free to College staff, however your department will be subject to an admin charge no shows and late cancellations; please notify us at least 5 working days before if you can no longer make the course to avoid this charge. 

Working Parents - Managing the transition from parent to professional

This workshop is for anyone who has recently returned from more than six weeks’ of leave; or anyone who needs to re-evaluate their work/family balance and career direction.

This 2-hour workshop will help to support those employees who have recently returned from family-related leave to be able to confidently and quickly reintegrate into the workplace and make plans for a sustainable and happier work/family balance.

The session covers:

  • Identifying the benefits of working life to you and your family
  • Managing the work/family balance
  • Review your career direction
  • Identifying what you want from your career now
  • Key tools to get you there – the 3-part plan:
    • Skills audit – transferable skills
    • Knowledge gaps and what’s changed
    • Building your network

Managing your career and family balance

This 2-hour workshop is for parents and carers who feel they need to re-evaluate their work/family balance and career direction.

This workshop will support those looking for a better balance - working mothers, fathers, carers, or those who are working flexibly will benefit the most from this. The workshop focuses on how to reassess your situation to gain value and direction from your career whilst also maintaining a happy family life.

The session covers:

  • Evaluation of your career direction
  • Enhancing your image and establish your personal brand
  • Boosting your visibility
  • Building professional relationships & networks without working longer
  • Working flexibly

Supporting you as a working carer webinar

This 1 hour webinar is for anyone who has complex caring responsibilities - whether that be caring for a friend or family member with neurodiverse needs or an elderly, sick relative.

The webinar will offer a supportive space with a facilitator who has experienced caring and working. It provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded employees experiencing similar challenges. It will give a confidence boost, a support network and practical tips on how to manage personal wellbeing, caring and working.

The session covers: 

  • Who am I as a carer? A discussion on self identity, self-care and purpose.
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of my caring responsibilities?
  • Reconnecting with my strengths and passions. Understanding transferable skills.
  • How do I voice my needs as a carer at work? Self advocacy, manager relationships and managing upwards.
  • Visibility. How do I ensure I am visible to the right people and network, considering my time and energy constraints?

Further information

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