For full details on this leave type please refer to the special leave policy.

Special Leave [pdf]

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Domestic emergency leave covers genuine unforeseen emergencies for reasons connected with unexpected domestic or other emergencies. It is granted according to the circumstances.

Examples of situations which may be considered an emergency are: 

  • Burglary
  • Vehicle theft 
  • Vehicle accident
  • Emergency repairs to home or services arising from or to avoid flooding or fire 
  • Other similar circumstances

See family emergency leave for emergencies involving dependants.

Leave amount

Paid leave of up to 1 day paid per annum (pro rata for part-time staff).

If an employee requires additional time off, alternative leave arrangements should be agreed with their line manager. This may include, for example, annual leave or unpaid leave.

Requesting domestic emergency leave

Staff guidance

You must notify your line manager as soon as is reasonably practicable as to the reason for your absence and how long you expect to be away. 

Your line manager will update your absence records on your behalf.

If additional leave is required, you may wish to consider annual leave or unpaid leave.

Further advice is available from the Staff Hub.

Manager guidance

Review the request and approve or decline.

Arrangements for additional leave are to be agreed as reasonably practicable, e.g. annual leave or unpaid leave.