This policy defines the ways in which harassment, bullying and/or victimisation can occur.  The policy provides guidance to resolve any problems should they occur, and avoid recurrence, with its main aim being the prevention of harassment, bullying and/or victimisation. Questions about the policy should be directed to the Equality and Diversity Unit.

Allegations relating to harassment, bullying and/or victimisation may be raised under the Grievance Policy and Procedure. In addition, mediation is available for addressing such issues.

Important information

All College staff and students are covered by this policy, which also aims to ensure that College staff are not subjected to unacceptable behaviour by contractors or service providers, used by the College.

 The College Ensure staff are not subjected to unacceptable behaviour by contractors or service providers and that harassment, bullying and/or victimisation does not occur.

Deans, Head of Departments/Divisions and all managers


Make every effort to ensure that harassment, bullying or victimisation does not occur, particularly in the areas of work for which they are responsible

 All Staff  

To comply with, and demonstrate active commitment to, this policy and to ensure colleagues, clients, students, visitors, etc are treated with dignity and respect

 Human Resources  

Offer advice and support as detailed within the policy

 Trade Unions  

Offer support and assistance as detailed in the policy

Harassment Support Contacts

Act as a sounding board by giving individuals an opportunity to talk through their concerns

Accessible documents

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