Decisions on starting salaries will be monitored as part of the College’s commitment to equality in pay and benefits. 

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This guidance is designed to help Line Managers make sound appointment decisions when hiring a new member of staff. Salaries need to be consistent and equitable across groups of staff employed in similar jobs within the department/faculty/Support Services and College.

What you should consider before agreeing on a starting salary

  • The level, breadth, depth and complexity of the individual’s knowledge, experience and understanding of different aspects of the job. This includes expert professional and theoretical knowledge and experience.
  • Where applicable, the potential for salary progression within the current incremental grading structure or discretionary pay adjustment for fixed salaries.
  • The current salary of the successful candidate, which should be verified as part of the reference request with the candidate’s current employer.
  • Be aware that men are often more confident in negotiating a higher salary than women and that the offer of a higher salary should not be given purely on the fact that it was requested.
  • In the overall reward context, salary level is only one element of the wider employment package of terms and conditions. Items such as leave, pension contributions should also be taken into account.

What starting salary should normally be offered?

  • Appointments will normally be made to the first incremental point of the relevant grade or to the start of the grade for fixed salaries. However, it is for the recruiting manager to make the decision on where to appoint on the incremental scales. 
  • Any request for a market supplement should have been explored with the HR Partner for your area, supported by benchmark evidence.
  • For grades scales, appointments to fixed points outside the incremental scales should only be used in exceptional circumstances. Additionally, if the successful candidate would require Tier 2 sponsorship by the College to undertake the role, it is unlikely that this would be permitted due to the Tier 2 ‘Resident Labour Market Test’.
  • For fixed salaries at Level 6 and Level 7 need to be agreed with the Director of HR. Appointments will either be placed at the start of the range or on a salary commensurate with internal or external benchmarks.