Infection and Immunity

Translating fundamental research on immune system function into development of novel therapeutics and vaccines

The Section of Immunology of Infection brings together world-leading research teams across Imperial's campuses, focused on immune responses to infection, chronic disease and autoimmunity. Alongside fundamental research on immune system function, a strong emphasis is placed on the development of novel therapeutics and vaccines for the treatment and prevention of globally important infections. Our research spans a wide range of viral, bacterial, and parasite infections. Our researchers lead scientific programs and collaborations with European, African, South American and South-East Asian partners. Our translational vaccine and therapeutic research includes a program of first in human trials through to the evaluation of vaccine efficacy trials against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria by the Human Immunology Laboratory (HIL).

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Professor Robin Shattock
Section Head, Immunology of Infection

Professor Shattock's studies aim to understand the mechanisms of mucosal infection and development of novel preventative strategies. The main focus of his research is the development of novel vaccine strategies against epidemic and outbreak pathogens.

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