Clinical imaging plays an essential role in understanding the structure and function of complex systems in the body – both in health and disease. The MRC Mansfield Centre for Innovation is located at the Hammersmith Campus and brings together scientists and clinicians working on novel approaches to imaging and computational modelling. The Mansfield's MRI facility is equipped with state-of-the-art Siemens scanners (3T Prisma and 1.5T Aera) enabling advanced human imaging in cardiovascular diseases, neurosciences, oncology and metabolic medicine.
Our current research focusses on genetics and genomics, mental illness, cardiomyopathy, artificial intelligence and exercise physiology. Our work is highly inter-disciplinary and we have close collaborations with engineering, mathematics, bioinformatics and surgery. As we are situated within the hospital we have close physical links to clinical departments and can safely undertake experimental medicine research.
Examples of our current work include:

  • Understanding the changes in the brain that lead to the development of psychotic disorders
  • Using artificial intelligence to predict outcomes from cardiac MRI
  • Imaging patients with MRI during exercise
  • Discovering the genetic causes of heart disease using 3D cardiac imaging


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Using imaging to investigate genetic, cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic causes of disease