Multi-service Edge-Intelligence: A New Paradigm for Realizing Control over Wireless


Recent advances in connectivity technologies like 5G are promising for untethering real-time control systems in industrial and consumer sectors. However, stability of control applications is not guaranteed under wireless imperfections (packet losses, jitter, latency, etc.). This talk introduces multi-service edge-intelligence as a new paradigm for realizing control over wireless, and explores some of the key system-level design challenges. Differing from conventional ‘control-aware wireless’ and ‘wireless-aware control’ paradigms, multi-service intelligence provides tight coupling of edge-computing and artificial intelligence technologies, and the radio access network (RAN) to achieve guaranteed stability for control applications. 


Adnan Aijaz studied telecommunications engineering at King’s College London, UK, where he received a Ph.D. in 2014 for research in wireless networks. He joined the Bristol Research and Innovation Laboratory (BRIL) of Toshiba Corporation in 2015, where he is currently leading the industrial 5G innovation programme. His recent research areas include industrial communication systems and automation networks, next-generation mobile/cellular (5G and beyond) and Wi-Fi technologies, cyber-physical systems, and robotics and autonomous systems. He has several patents and publications in these areas. He has been contributing to various national and international research projects and standardization activities related to 5G and industrial communication.