The scholarships are open to applicants with Black or Mixed Black Heritage who are ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom (equal to being eligible for home fees status). Graduates with a degree in engineering, any of the physical sciences, mathematics, biological sciences, physiology or medicine may be accepted for a PhD. We will normally only accept applicants with a good 2:1 or 1st class degree from a UK university, or non-UK equivalent.

How to apply:

Please apply directly to this scheme rather than the usual departmental PhD application route.

If you would like support at any stage of the application process, we strongly encourage you to contact us at james-west-scholarships@imperial.ac.uk and we will connect you with the right person for advice and guidance.

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The application consists of…

1.     A 2-page CV in pdf format
Your CV should include

•educational qualifications (including degree classification)
•any prizes or awards
•relevant experience, such as research projects, internships or relevant work experience
•research output such as publications, conference posters and talks (we note many applicants will not have this experience)

 2.     A 1-page personal statement in pdf format
The personal statement should describe your motivation for undertaking a PhD in Bioengineering and include a brief description of the research areas and topics that interest you.

3.     Contact details of 2 academic referees
Please provide the names and email addresses of two academic referees. The email addresses should be professional or institutional email accounts.

How to submit an application to the scheme

To submit an application, please send the CV, personal statement and references to james-west-scholarships@imperial.ac.uk, with the word ‘Application’ in the subject line and including a statement to confirm that you are eligible for home-fees status.

Please note there is no need to write a formal email or cover letter.

Timeline (exact dates to be confirmed)

No scholarships are currently on offer. We will update this page when they are. 

If you would like to be directly informed, please email us at JamesWestScholarships@imperial.ac.uk 

Selecting a project and supervisor

Please use these links for a list of our

•research areas https://www.imperial.ac.uk/bioengineering/research/
•researchers https://www.imperial.ac.uk/bioengineering/people/academic-staff-and-research-fellows/ 

to identify the research opportunities in the department. There are two possible routes available for this scheme

1. Applicants will contact potential supervisors and projects prior to applying for a PhD and discuss projects. In this case, your personal statement can include a reference to your interest in the specific project and the name of the potential supervisor. Please note that the supervisor may wish to carry out an interview prior to accepting you as a student.

2. We will assist successful candidates in finding the right supervisor. Please identify research areas or individuals of interest, and mention these in your personal statement. Note that candidates undergoing this route will not be disadvantaged in their application.