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We welcome questions, feedback and ideas to the EDC committee:

The Department of Materials aims to provide a supportive environment that enables all staff and students to succeed, ensuring that everybody is treated with equality and dignity, without regard to gender identity, race, colour, creed, ancestry, political beliefs, religion, marital status, disability, age, or sexual orientation. The EDC committee advises and supports the Department in this mission.

The committee’s work is guided by the Imperial College London’s EDI Strategy and core policies including “Equal Opportunities”, “Behavioural Expectations” and “Imperial Expectations”.

The EDC committee will:

•    Examine systems and processes in the Department to ensure they are fair, transparent, communicated and accessible.
•    Monitor the recruitment and progression of all staff and students, identify opportunities for improvement and propose actions to achieve this.
•    Ensure the Department continues its commitment to advance diversity and equality and enhance working environment
•    Consider issues of strategic relevance, plan how best to address issues of concern and how best to optimise and disseminate current good practice
•    Ensure that consultation leads to positive changes to departmental practices that are communicated to all staff and students.

EDC Committee members in Materials