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In response to findings from the Have Your Say campaign, which confronts bullying and negative behaviours in the workplace, and the recent publication of the Institutional Culture Project Report, the Faculty has now launched active bystander training.

The training aims to empower staff and students across the College community to challenge poor behaviours, and bring about cultural change through the reinforcement of messages defining the boundaries of unacceptable behaviour.

Many individuals with problematic attitudes are likely to think their behaviour is normal if no one confronts it, and this can often be reinforced by cultural messages. Some might not care their behaviour causes harm to others, but some might not even realise.

If we constantly reinforce messages about behaviour that is unacceptable, this puts considerable pressure on people to re-think their behaviour. So any level of inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour should not be ignored.

Working collectively we can bring about change and create a safe and supportive community for all.

DOWNLOAD: Active bystander toolkit [PDF, 160KB]WATCH: Active bystander video [MP4, 12MB]

How to tackle sexual harassment at work

Video from Channel 5 news on our Active Bystander training
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Our people are our greatest asset, and therefore it is our responsibility to create and nurture an environment which is safe, supportive, and free from all forms of bullying and harassment"

James Stirling

Training course

For more information about the training, please contact Su Nandy, Senior Human Resources Manager (

Course feedback

  • Excellent session- a bit longer would be better
  • Hoping this will be widespread
  • Excellent session- helpful from work and personal perspective
  • Very useful and 4D toolkit a great idea
  • Good overview in an hour- perhaps all staff should attend
  • Excellent- I love it- I will certainly use it in my job
  • The interactive session was useful. Those "delegated" to need to feel equipped to deal with the situation
  • Every member of staff should attend this course
  • The scenarios were good
  • Very good session
  • The 4Ds is a good way to remember the 4 methods to address issues
  • Good short, sharp and therefore memorable
  • Great anecdotes which really brought the session to life
  • Useful to practice out loud a good phrase for intervening
  • Scenarios very useful and thought provoking
  • Clear and thought provoking
  • Useful to have this session as part of our division away day
  • Could have been longer as it was interesting
  • Scenarios extremely useful to work through
  • Ihave particular interest in safety and can see that this approach should also work for that
  • The session was very helpful but as a Professor I feel comfortable to intervene. More junior staff will find tools useful.
  • Excellent topic- needs to be rolled out to all staff
  • I think both academic and support staff should be encouraged to do this course
  • Excellent initiative which will be useful across all areas of College

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Diary room - share your success story

We encourage you to share your experience of being an active bystander and help empower others.

Please share details about any incident where you've made use of your training and taken action. Selected stories are published on the website, so please don't provide any information that could compromise an individual's confidentiality.