Our Active Bystander training programme was launched in 2017 and aims to empower staff and students across the College community to challenge poor behaviours and bring about cultural change.

Many individuals with problematic attitudes are likely to think their behaviour is normal if no one confronts it, and this can often be reinforced by cultural messages. Some might not care their behaviour causes harm to others, but some might not even realise. If we constantly reinforce messages about behaviour that is unacceptable, this puts considerable pressure on people to re-think their actions. We should not ignore any level of inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour.

Over 1000 members of the Imperial community have taken the course since it was launched (read what they have to say) and we encourage you to sign up whether you have recently joined Imperial or have been here many years.

We are confident that this course can bring positive change to our community, as we all take up the challenge to support each other by being active bystanders and upholding our values. We must continue to work together to challenge inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour.

"As part of our commitment to our staff and student community, I'm pleased to support the Active Bystander initiative. People are at the heart of Imperial's success. It's our responsibility collectively to create and nurture an environment which is safe, supportive and free from all forms of bullying and harassment. This initiative is an important step forward."

Professor Ian Walmsley, Provost

Training course

Find out more about the course and see upcoming dates on the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Centre site. For more information about the programme or if you would like to organise training in your department please email the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Centre.

Share your success story

We encourage you to share your experience of being an active bystander and help empower others.

Please share details about any incident where you've made use of your training and taken action. Selected stories are published on the website, so please don't provide any information that could compromise an individual's confidentiality.

For more information about the programme, please contact Ireti Webb.