In the Department of Materials, we offer nine MSc Academic Potential Scholarships.


The MSc Academic Potential Scholarship is available to applicants with a First-Class Honours level or equivalent in their undergraduate qualification and showing strong academic potential. We particularly welcome applications from Women and Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.  We also encourage applications from candidates interested in discipline-hopping to Materials Science. 

Application Process        

There is no separate application process. Outstanding candidates who have accepted our offer will be considered for the scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded to the candidates with the strongest academic potential, judged on the basis of the material provided with the application.  Successful candidates will be notified by the end of August. 


A stipend of £5,000 (paid in equal instalments over 12 months)

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Hear from our scholarship students:

Ee Sian Kang, MSc Academic Potential Scholarship

Name: Ee Sian Kang

Scholarship: MSc Academic Potential Scholarship

Why did you choose to study at Imperial?

I genuinely believe that the path to excellence involves focus, so I was drawn to Imperial College London. The exclusive focus on science, technology, medicine, and business, provides a one-of-a-kind education environment and fosters a scientific cohort beneficial to the advancement of research.

Imperial's commitment to real-world innovations is exactly what I am attracted to. I feel truly thrilled about the possibility of working in outstanding research facilities and industries, meeting world-class minds, and receiving a first-class education.

How has the scholarship helped you?

This support enables me to explore unique opportunities and engage in experiences I might have never dreamed of and helps cover my day-to-day expenses. With the time spared from not needing to work part-time, I can wholeheartedly dedicate myself to my studies, spend quality moments with friends, and recharge from a demanding week. I am genuinely thankful for this scholarship, allowing me to create a more balanced and fulfilling life.

What has been the highlight of your first term?

The entirety of my London experience is the highlight of my first term. Each week, I find myself exploring different corners of this beautiful city, meeting and engaging with friends from all over the world, and gradually building a home away from home.

The learning atmosphere at Imperial has been a true joy and a refreshing change. It is open, inviting, and interactive. Here, I am unafraid to make mistakes and step out of my comfort zone to embrace new experiences. As this semester unfolds, my passion for materials science grows more profoundly with each passing day.

Ee Sian joined Imperial's Pilot Society in her first term, and here she is photographed with a light aircraft.  

Oluwafemi Oladosu, Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

Name: Oluwafemi Oladosu

Scholarship: Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

Why did you choose to study at Imperial?

My goal has long been to attend a well-regarded university, and I appreciate the chance Imperial and the Commonwealth Scholarship have given me. The multidisciplinary courses and specialised advanced materials science curriculum here reinforced my decision to apply.

The location in London's energetic and culturally diverse metropolis has made my experience even more appealing. As a research enthusiast, I've always been captivated by the excellent research at Imperial. By utilising the state-of-the-art facilities, laboratories, and resources that have been assisting students in their academic endeavours, I am looking forward to contributing to this corpus of knowledge through my MSc thesis.

How has your scholarship helped you?

As a first-generation college student, the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship has been instrumental in facilitating my academic journey at Imperial. The scholarship has not only provided me with the chance to delve into advanced studies in materials science and engineering, a field I am deeply passionate about, but it has also relieved the financial strain typically associated with attending a top-tier educational institution.

The scholarship has allowed me to fully engage in my research endeavours, contributing to advancing knowledge in the field. It has enabled access to resources, materials, and experiences crucial for a comprehensive and enriching educational experience.  The Commonwealth Shared Scholarship has been a key enabler, opening doors and fostering an environment where I can dedicate myself to my studies and research.

What has been the highlight of your first term?

My first term at Imperial has been truly enriching. Engaging with advanced materials science and engineering through hands-on experiences and utilising top-notch facilities has broadened my understanding. Collaborating with fellow students in an interdisciplinary setting and interacting with experienced faculty members have been standout moments. These experiences have laid a solid foundation for my MSc thesis.

Imperial's diverse student body has also provided a multicultural backdrop, allowing me to build a global network for my future career. It's been an exciting start with impactful academic experiences and a seamless integration into the vibrant research community here.